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Manufacturing Products

All products & accessories to achieve maximum quality and prompt delivery. The company has recruited a team of qualified and experienced technocrats who have acquired expertise in this art.

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Exporting Products

We encompass a state-of-art infrastructure which includes modern manufacturing unit, quality control unit and packing unit

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Research & Development

From our vast experiences and knowledge, we have acquired skills through which we can develop and serve our clients with Custom Made Cable Trays and Accessories

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Manufacturing products


Raceways / Trunking


Ladder Cable Trays


Perforated Cable Trays


Basket Tray

“We have seen many perforated cable tray samples from various suppliers and we like HUTAIB ELECTRICAL’S cable TRAYS, they not only just provided the samples but they do also suggested us with the right size and colour to be coated on the cable trays and our quality level and aesthetics of our machine have increased a lot. We suggest the cable tray users to meet like HUTAIB ELECTRICALS, INDIA first before you end up with your cable tray purchases.“

“Cable Trays are of excellent finish, never required any modification at site. They have other good feature which helped us to save lot of time in our cable management. Thanks to HUTAIB ELECTRICALS“

“Electrical Cable Tray Systems supplied by HUTAIB ELECTRICALS are of excellent quality, we have received the trays ahead of our schedules, price is competitive compare to our neighbours. Thanks to GOOGLE for their help in find out a good partner in Cable Management Solution.“

“We have struggled a lot to get a good manufacturer for our type of Cable Trays in India and finally we have got the HUTAIB ELECTRICALS reference and HUTAIB ELECTRICALS has supplied us what we wanted.“

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