overloading of cable trays preventation
Admin 15/07/2020
Everything you need to know about Unistrut Channel.

Unistrut Channel is a standardized formed structural system used in the construction and electrical industries for light structural support, often for supporting wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components such as air conditioning or ventilation systems.

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overloading of cable trays preventation
Admin 15/06/2020
Why Overloading of Cables should be Avoided at Every Cost?

Today’s rising technologies have given companies and individuals access to a tremendous variety of powerful tools and information sources. The need for adequate infrastructure is growing too because everyday technologies are expanding.

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Raceway-assesocries |cable-tray-manufacturer|
Admin 30/05/2020
What does Hutaib Electricals have in store in

Raceway Cabletrays ?

Raceway Cables are used to route wires through a discreet wall cord concealer that will improve the aesthetics of any industry as well as keep their electric cables protected at a very affordable price. Hutaib Electricals specialises in raceway

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Admin 15/05/2020
How to maintain and take care of your cable trays!

Cable trays can provide a safe structure for a wiring distribution system. If not designed or installed properly, wiring inside cable trays may pose hazards such as fire, electric shock and sudden blast events.Thus while maintenance, installation and inspection of cable trays, the following concerns should be given attention.

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Admin 30/04/2020
Cable Trays and their Applications

An open bare wire is most dangerous when left alone. A bare wire leads to damage to your workplace or even your own life. Almost all industries have a mess of wires and cables and finding a reliable solution to manage them are the most daunting task especially when they are high on security Cable Tray is a bridge

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Admin 5/04/2020
Know More About Perforated Cable Tray!!

Perforated cable tray is a kind of cable tray with holes on bottom sheet and side rails for laying power and signal cables for the purpose of distributing electricity, signaling in industrial plants, department stores, gyms, hospitals, airports and other industries. Compared with the channel cable tray

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Admin 20/03/2020
Measures that Every Industry should take in the wake of Covid 19

Coronavirus has so far affected India's manufacturing and exports sectors — notably medicines, electronics, textiles and chemicals. The government said it was taking all necessary steps to protect Indian industry from the threat, especially in the area of intermediate goods

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cable-tray-manufacturer| electrical-equipment| raceway-cable-tray| electrical-cable
Admin 25/02/2020
Difference Between a Cable Ladder and Cable Tray

Commonly known as: ladder tray, cable runway.A cable ladder has a range of straight lengths and different shaped fittings designed to facilitate changing cabling directions or levels easily, without the need to modify any components.Ladders are considered to be the strongest products

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Cable Tray Accessories manufacturer in pune| hutaib electrical
Admin 1/02/2020
Everything You need to know about the Floor Junction Box:

A small metal junction box may form a part of an electrical conduit or thermoplastic-sheathed cable (TPS) wiring system in a building. If designed for surface mounting, it's used mostly in ceilings, under floors or concealed behind an access panel—particularly in domestic or commercial buildings.

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Cable Tray Accessories manufacturer in pune| hutaib electrical
Admin 10/01/2020
Why Cable Trays Install in Industries & IT Organization?

A type of construction material used to hold courses, cables and wires safely inside of the building are called cable trays. These cable trays yield installers to course these wires inside of a planned path, as opposed to permitting them to keep running over the roof space and dividers uncovered.

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Admin 08/01/2020
What is Unistrut Channel & Advantages of Using Unistrut Channel?

Unistrut is a brand name of the construction material, strut channel. Functionally, strut channel is a series of threaded rod and metal channel used to form a ceiling-mounted support structure for anything from lighting, to injectors, to overhead system components.

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Admin 30/12/2019
Wire Mesh/Basket Cable Tray - Quick Installation with Accessories

Wire mesh cable tray, also called basket cable tray, is a kind of cable tray made of stainless steel wires by welding wires together, forming a basket-like mesh.

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Admin 10/12/2019
What Are The Benefits Of Installing Ladder Cable Tray In Your Industry?

Ladder Cable Tray is the best type of cable trays which are used to manage the cable wires in data and communication industry. When you compare the cable trays with the other wire management methods, you will find cable trays most efficient and cost effective.

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